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Who we are ?

Franco Cavadini, after Psychology studies at Geneva University (diploma in 1976),  undertook a training in Sophrology with the back then called “Centre de Sophrologie pédagogique” in Geneva. In 1981, he took over the management of that Center, and he then named it into “Centre de Sophrologie et de Thérapie“, so as to integrate the therapeutic direction he wanted to give to his work. This has been confirmed some years later, when he obtained the title of psychotherapist PCA and FSP (Swiss Federation of Psychologists).

He always strives to deepen his knowledge, therefore he got a training in Ericksonian Hypnosis and in EMDR, which allows him to work with a coherent set of techniques, helping him to tackle a large variety of situations brought along by his clients.

He also has a more than 15 years old experience in adult training in the workplace environment, teaching in private and public organizations about themes like change and stress management, how to deal with conflict and harassment situations, as well as organizing assessments of various types.

After more than 30 years of practice in the “La Clarté” building of architect Le Corbusier in the Eaux-Vives section of Geneva, his practice is now to be found near the Cornavin train station, which has also allowed him to associate with some practitioners of the Grinberg Method (see the specific tab), so as to be able to offer an even more adequate methodology for a client who wants or needs to approach his situation from the angle of body work.

Some other colleagues active in Sophrology can use the facilities with their own clients.