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The method used is the Person-Centered Approach by Carl Rogers, a non-directive approach, in which the emphasis is put on the relation between the “client” and the therapist. The fact that we use the term of “client” (and not “patient”) signals  that the person who comes to see us is not an ill person, but rather one that is still developing and who wishes to improve his/her situation. The aim of the method is twofold: for one, to increase the self-esteem of the client, and for the other, to allow him/her a greater opening to all that’s happening in their life.

For Carl Rogers, the therapy is a process guiding the person towards a finer perception of one’s emotions and the capacity of expressing them, and hence helping them to more independency and self-determination. The client will thus be able to evolve:

  • from a rigid perception of oneself and the environment towards a more fluid vision ;
  • from a sense of insecurity or inferiority towards a more comfortable and positive positioning in the relationships with others, and thus gearing onself towards a more harmonious development of one’s potentialities.

A climate pervaded with unconditional acceptance, congruence and empathy from the therapist’s side will favour this process favouring the client’s inner growth.ent.