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This technique, formalized in the XIXth century, was established in his modern form by Milton Erickson, and has the aim to create a modified state of consciousness, which allows the client to fix his conscious attention to only one point, so that all the useless stimuli don’t hit him anymore. A part of his mind can then live a trance, being able to pick up the usefull suggestions that the therapist makes, while his rational mind can rest. This state allows the client to feel ahead of time, by means of appropriate suggestions, the hoped-for changes, by living them as if they were already realized. Or allows him to get in touch with past events, so to be able to overcome the negative effects they might have on his present life.

In the context of hypnosis, it is considered that the client already possesses all the means allowing him to achieve the changes he is aiming for, hypnosis thus being a mean of discovering them and desclose them so as to be able to use them in everyday life.