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Couples therapy

Sometimes it’s not so easy to make the step and undertake a couple therapy: fear of blowing up the couple, too many established habits, too many negative emotions (“what’s the good to tackle all this?”).

The goal of a couple therapy is to allow overcoming a difficult moment, a suffering, and to introduce some new communication rules. This can help to go beyond the silences, or the anger outbursts, which freeze the respective positions. But this can also allow to review the situation and to maybe discover that the best solution could be a separation.

My role is not that of a judge, or a referee, but rather to try to underline what is the positive hidden side of a conflict, allowing to understand and to express (to the other) feelings or needs possibly never expressed. Hence to allow the couple to evolve towards new bases, so to be able to reach a better harmony.

Generally, after one/two individual sessions, the sessions will be held with the three of us, with sometimes sessions spacing out, so to permit to practically apply the communication learnings reached so far.